Random potential useful files

Software/tools I've written

Wum: The WakeUpManager suite

Wum has it's own website which can be found at http://wum.rfc2324.org

If you're interested in the code, you can have a look at the WakeUpManager gitweb page.

Alff: A Linux Firewall Framework

Alff has it's own website which can be found at http://alff.rfc2324.org.

If you're interested in the code, you can have a look at the Alff gitweb page.


cisco-stats is a bunch (at the moment two) scripts with what you can get an overview about the vlan infrastructure and port usage on your cisco devices.
For further information see the my cisco-stats site.


mailquota viewer

The mailquota viewer tools collect (filesystem) mailquota information and present them to your users via a CGI script.
Each user gets a personal report, so nobody can see information about other people.
The authentification is done via Apaches Kerberos module.
If you are interested, you might want to see a screenshot from the CGI script.
(Allthough the text presented on the screenshot is in german, it is easy to localize it for your needs.)

mailquota viewer

Miscellaneous small tools

Other small tools which might be useful:

  1. apt-watch: Check if updated packages are available on your Debian system and mail the admin if so.
  2. dump-ldap.pl: Dump a LDAP database into a directory tree on the filesystem.
  3. ACPI scripts: A bunch of ACPId event configs and scripts that make handling your thinkpad (and maybe other laptops) easier.
  4. FAI extensions: At the moment only one official FAI extension script which allows the definition of FAI classes based on IP adresses or networks.
  5. printCallTraceFromGDB.plPrint a nicely formatted call chain gathered from a series of GDB backtraces.

The complete GIT tree can be found here.


Nice little tool to convert invoice information into a nicely formatted \LaTeX file to help people on writing invoices which look good.

It's recommend to have make and pdflatex installed to simplify things even more.

tarball of version 1.0

Patches, add-ons, etc. for things others have written


Patches to get the (old and depreciated) netfilter connection tracking synchronization system working with kernels > 2.6.10 and
an example resource.d script to manage ct_sync states via heartbeat

ct_sync patches


Some stuff related to the new netfilter connection tracking synchronization system conntrackd Project page
debian/ dir, init script, heartbeat resource.d script

conntrackd related files


A CPAN perl module allowing to compare and sort kernel version strings. CPAN page
I've made some patches to enhancde it.

Linux::KernelSort patches


Munin plugin to show number of connected clients per instance

I found the munin plugin from Rodolphe Quiedeville which used the openvpn status file as source for the number of currently connected clients.
I liked this approach and modified the plugin to support multiple instances per server.

WTMP support for OpenVPN 2.1

I've added WTMP support to OpenVPN to let it write a wtmp file with all it's connections.
You're able to specify a two-digit server_id per OpenVPN instance to let many OpenVPN instances write to the same file but still be able to distinguish between them.

net-type support for OpenVPN 2.0

Neil Brown wrote some nice patches which enable OpenVPN to push only one IP address to a Windows client, when using tun devices instead of the usual /30 subnet which wastes 4 address per client.
I've updated them to fit to the current OpenVPN version. (v2.0.9 and current svn revision 2171).
This introduces the new config option net-type.

Building OpenVPN 2.0 for Windows™

I've also made up a patch against OpenVPNs makefile.w32 which is used when building a Windows binary on a Linux box using mingw32.
The patch introduces usage of make's advantages and cleans up the makefile.

There are also Makefiles for building liblzo2 and openssl for Windows using mingw32.

Munin plugins
WTMP support for OpenVPN 2.1
Patches to add net-type feature for OpenVPN 2.0.9 (equal to topology from 2.1)
Patches for makefile.w32 and Makefiles for liblzo2 and openssl


I wrote two small patches for the setup_harddisks tool of FAI.

One patch changes setup_harddisks behaviour if Xen Dom-U devices like /dev/xvda1 are found but no correspondig "disk" like /dev/xvda.
The patches version of setup_harddisks will skip partitioning and just put the filesystems specified in the disk_config file on the devices.
This is rather useful when you want to put every block device of the Dom-U as a single device (like LVM volumes) into the Dom-U, which has the big advantage that you can access the filesystem from Dom-0 if your Dom-U is dead...

The second patch makes setup_harddisks honor if you wrote 'ext3' into the options column in your disk_config file.
Up to now you had to write '-j' there if you wanted 'ext3'.

setup_harddisks Xen Dom-U patch
setup_harddisks honor ext3 option patch


I've added a new configuration option --without-full which will prevent llgal from generating a link to the full size images from the scaled down images on the HTML slides. This comes in handy if you do not want to put the high resolution pictures on the net, but want other to have a look at your picturs.
This patch has been included in Llgal in february 2010. The option has been renamed to slide_link_to_full_image .

Add without_full feature patch

Documentation, HowTos, Information

Debian stuff

A list of Debian packages I maintain can be found here.

I made up a list of packages I like to have around on my machines. Maybe you get inspired by it.


Build OpenVPN for Windows using mingw32 environment on a linux box

I've a made up a small hands-on howto to build your own OpenVPN.exe for Windows and created some Makefiles which let you easily build liblzo2, openssl and openvpn using mingw32 build environment on a linux machine.

HowTo: Build OpenVPN for Windows using Mingw32


Installing a Windows™ Server 2003 into a Xen Dom-U

After struggling a bit with getting this to work, I've written a small howto to accomplish the above task.

HowTo: Running Windows Server in Xen 3 (on Debian Etch)
Dom-U config file win_2k3.kvm

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