ct_sync patches

Here you can find patches for the netfilter connection tracking synchronization suite ct_sync.

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[   ]Ct_sync-heartbeat-resource-script2007-02-02 17:23 1.6K 
[TXT]HEADER.html2007-07-21 18:27 322  
[TXT]README.html2007-03-10 04:27 469  
[TXT]ct_sync-multigroup-2.6.17-rc1.doesnotworkyet.patch2006-04-05 01:39 12K 
[TXT]ct_sync_2.6.15.6.-fix-and-cleanup.patch2006-03-20 17:55 69K 
[TXT]ct_sync_2.6.16-cleanup.patch2006-03-26 18:29 5.6K 
[TXT]ct_sync_2.6.16-fix.patch2006-03-25 01:43 65K 

All these scripts and patches are working fine on my boxes. (up to kernel for now)

The -fix files provide you with a working version of ct_sync.
the -cleanup files contain additional (as in to be applied after the -fix ones) code cleanups

Everything is provided AS IS without ANY warrenty!
Don't blame me if your boxes explode...

© 2006-2007 by Maximilian Wilhelm <max@rfc2324.org>